Stronger, Lighter, Looser, RADIANT!

How old do you feel?

That can be a trick question I know! If you gauge your answer by the stiffness in your back or creakiness of your knees, your answer might be, “way too old!”

But, then again if you just tune into how old you feel inside, the number you come up with might be a much younger number than your actual chronological age—at least if you’re anything like me!

Although cognitively I am aware that I have two adult daughters and even a couple of grand babies, part of me feels like I’m somewhere in my 20’s still figuring life out.

Then, another part of me can feel and embrace that wisdom that I’ve been gifted with as I’ve traveled through so many years on the planet.

So, I guess the answer to the ‘how old’ question really is, “It depends.”

Lately I’ve been revisiting the idea of Living Ageless. I was first introduced to this by one of my favorite teachers and writers, Dr. Christiane Northrup in her book Goddesses Never Age, which I’m currently rereading. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already checked it out. Awesome book!

Northrup’s premise is basically that chronological age doesn’t matter nearly as much as we think it does. What makes us feel ‘old’ is our thoughts and the choices we make on a daily or even to moment-to-moment basis. Her book is basically a deep dive into the wise saying, “You’re only as old as you feel.”

You might be thinking, that’s all well and good, but how do I stop myself from feeling old? I’m tired, my joints ache, I hate the way my body is thickening, and every time I look in the mirror I see new wrinkles.

If that’s the litany going around in YOUR mind, you’ll want to follow along with me in the coming weeks and months.

I’ve been compiling all my knowledge and wisdom on this subject of living ageless, putting together so many pieces, and I’m excited to share it.

It’s a little bit of returning to my roots in holistic health, nutrition, and helping people to feel and look their healthiest and most vibrant and radiant. And, I’ve now added mindset techniques that boost all of this wisdom a thousandfold.

A while ago I decided to take some action on feeling more healthy and more ageless in my body and mind.

I’m talking about both sorts of action. The type we usually think of—outer actions. And also the inside actions. Both are equally important, but often we ignore the fact that making big changes is really an inside game.

Take One Action Today

Here’s one action I chose, and that you can adopt for yourself today.

I decided to come up with an easy phrase I could say to myself on the regular, a mantra if you will. The point is to counteract the dozens (hundreds?) of times that my mind is complaining about my stiff muscles, aches and pains, the flabby skin, etc.

It’s an Intention. It’s an instant replacement to the unhelpful thoughts, and also an instant vibration lifter.

My mantra is: Stronger, Lighter, Looser, RADIANT!

I often use it as my Intention during a yoga practice, or just my intention for the day. I revisit it when I notice my mind starting to travel down dark alleys. I’ve even made it into a little chant.

What’s YOUR mantra for living ageless?

Learn to Make Peace with Your Aging Body

A couple of years ago I put on my favorite black pants (you know, the ones that look good with everything, casual or dressy) and realized they just didn’t fit the same. Too tight, pinching at the waist.

I’m sure this has happened to you before—it certainly wasn’t my first go ’round with jeans getting tight. Of course you don’t need an aging body for that to happen… but these were the stretchy, elastic-waist kind. One of the reasons they were such a go-to!

I was like, WTF??!

And it wasn’t just pants… my shirts suddenly began to pull across the chest, the hems riding up higher and higher. Blouses that used to fall to my hips now hung a couple of inches higher.

Suddenly I had the big breasts I’d longed for since age 15. And, it seemed, shoulders to match.

How did I not notice that my body was slowly morphing?

I could think of a few explanations—including a phenomenon that I have dubbed ‘the boyfriend effect.’ Or maybe, I reasoned, my clothes were shrinking in these Mexican washing machines.

But, deep down I knew, I just KNEW, that this was more than simply a wake-up call to cut back on the muffins for a while.

This was about hormones, and a new post-menopausal body.


My very last period had occurred a few years earlier—right after my youngest daughter graduated from college and just days before my other daughter’s wedding. (The irony of that was not lost on me… although it took almost a year to realize I was officially done.)

That was it. No more cramps, no more PMS, no more wondering if my moon would show up during some big event.

Sure, relief…. but also, grief.

I’d left my Maiden years and my Mother years behind. I was embarking on that third phase of a woman’s life: the Crone years.

When I started coaching women as a life a wellness coach several years back, I was in the throes of menopause, transitioning to Crone. I realized that this is a powerful time of spiritual awakening, an opportunity for transformation and I wanted to share that potential with others. To rewrite the cultural story about aging.

My message was, and still is, about ageless living—looking and feeling radiant and beautiful no matter what year you were born!

As in, yes let’s take care of ourselves so we are strong, flexible and glowing… AND, let’s enjoy and accept what is. Let’s stop trying to diet and botox our way back into our 18-year-old bodies.

And then… a couple of years post menopause, here I was, totally freaking out because …. FAT!


If you’re a woman who grew up in western culture you likely were inundated with messages about the horrors of being fat. Our culture glorifies thinness—especially for women. (And that actually really pisses me off! But it’s a subject for another blog.)

As an impressionable adolescent I drank the Kool-Aid, and I yo-yo dieted my way through my teenage years.

And, despite even after I learned how ridiculous it is, for the past 4+ decades the number one criteria with which I’ve measured the viability of every outfit is, ‘does it make me look fat?’


I don’t want to be that woman! I know better.

But the narrative is planted so deeply in my brain wiring that I must devote Intention and Attention on a daily basis to change it.

And… I DO know it’s possible. With a different mindset I can make peace with grandma boobs, I can look at my rounder body and see a wise goddess… instead of a paragon to be ostracized because she doesn’t look like a waif.

And it’s not just weight that—well, was weighing on me about this body I’d known so intimately for over half a century.

There were other changes too. Muscles that groaned at me upon awakening. The way getting up from a meditation cushion became an exercise in pain avoidance. Joints and bones that are less resilient and yell at me after too much walking on working out.

Sound familiar?

We don’t want to just give in as say, ‘oh, that’s just the way it is now…”

Yet, at the same time denial and resistance don’t work. After all, what we resist persists.

For me, it’s about accepting what is, while making choices that feel authentically good from the inside out. Not just the sort of choices that feel good because they satisfy cravings or artificially fill a void. (Hello, chocolate chip cookie with my coffee!)

This is a tricky balance—this being in acceptance…. yet also taking action steps and making daily choices that support living agelessly, with radiance, vitality and vibrant health.


1. Acknowledge and Accept what is.

This always has to be the first step before any lasting change can happen. Stop fighting it, take a breath and simply allow that this is what is.

2. Be present with whatever emotion arises with this acknowledgment.

Most of us do anything we can to avoid unpleasant emotions. It seems to make sense – they hurt! Yet, when allow ourselves to be with that emotion, feeling it in the BODY rather than amping up the panicked and painful thoughts, then it passes through in an amazingly short time.

3. Forgive yourself for any actions from the past.

It’s much harder to be present and make choices from the present point of power when you are caught up in recriminations and regrets! Let them go. Begin again.

4. Interrupt unhelpful thought loops.

When you catch yourself starting to bemoan your wrinkles, your belly rolls, or your aching joints, make a conscious decision to turn your attention to something that IS working, or that you are grateful for. Or, simply turn your thoughts to another subject completely.

5. Give yourself a compliment every day. 

If you can’t quite (yet) bring yourself to celebrate and love your Goddess-like crone body, look for aspects of yourself that you truly to like. It could be your eyes or hair, it could be your cooking prowess, or perhaps your intelligence. Look for little and big things and say something nice to yourself. Bonus points if it’s out loud!

6. Remember who you really Are.

We are naturally so identified with our bodies. And yet, we are so much more than that. Stillness, meditation, inspirational reading are all activities that can tune you back into your true Divinity. Remember that this body is just a vehicle that moves you through this current life. You HAVE a body (and they are wonderful vehicles). But you ARE much more than a body.


If you’re able to engage these tips, you’ll find yourself naturally making healthier choices on a day-to-day basis. I, for one, set an intention to be more mindful of each and every one of these.

Now, a couple of years after that initial despair at the way my favorite clothes weren’t fitting quite right, things have begun to shift again. I stopped hating what is, and it began to get easier to make choices that supported my healthy wellbeing. This has led to a natural releasing of some of that extra weight.

If you’re noticing that it’s difficult for you to engage with any of the suggestions above, I’ve got a resource for you.

Maybe you don’t want to to accept yourself and your body right now, and you just don’t understand how you can possible interrupt unhelpful thought loops.

If this is the case for you, I’d like to help. Email me for a complimentary Weight Release Assessment. We’ll talk for 30-45 minutes and help you understand at least three you may be making in your weight loss efforts and the #1 thing you can do to change that.

You can reach me at Or, simply comment below with your ideas or questions.


Why Is It So Hard to Change Habits and Make Healthy Choices?

Have you ever resolved to start eating more veggies, or quit eating so much sugar? Or to start going to that exercise class, get up earlier, or simply to choose more healthy options in your life? And then…either it never happens, or after a few days you slowly slide back to your old wicked ways?

This pattern of behavior is all too common—but, before you start beating yourself up about your so-called failure, you need to understand a few things. There are good reasons, based on brain science, that we stay with behaviors that are familiar—even when we don’t like the results.

Our brains were designed to be as efficient as possible, and even though we now know that new neural pathways can be created at any age, it requires a lot of energy on your brain’s part to create a new neural pathway and then to actually use it.

Your brain would much prefer to travel down the same old pathways, which means repeating the same habits and behaviors day after day, and year after year.

This can be a real obstacle when attempting to release some extra weight, or just to get healthier. Luckily there is a solution that is easy and accessible!

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an easy-to-learn energy psychology modality that will help to rewire your brain, and it’s proven to reduce food cravings – for good!

This simple technique involves finger tapping on specific meridian points while talking aloud. A few rounds of tapping will reduce your stress hormones, allowing you to think more clearly and make wiser choices around food and anything else in your life.

A regular tapping practice can improve your self-confidence and body image, as well as release old emotional issues that cause you to hold onto extra weight and unhelpful habits.

Even if you don’t need or want to lose any weight, the tapping will help you to feel good about yourself and to WANT to make choices that support your health and well-being.

You can learn a lot more about how and why this works at my upcoming class on Tuesday, March 19th, 4-5:30 PM at Lifepath.

If you’ve never done EFT before, you’ll learn how to tap, more about how it helps with making healthy choices, and we’ll all tap together. You’ll leave knowing how to use this amazing tool in your daily life.

Can’t come to the class? Personalized EFT Tapping sessions will bring you even swifter results. Enjoy significantly reduced rates here in San Miguel.

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