Private Coaching


Sarah Grace Powers

Sarah is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and EFT (Tapping) Coach. She works online and in person, coaching people on removing any internal obstacles so they can reinvent themselves in their second half of life.

She owned and operating a healing arts retail shop in Northern California for 20 years where she coached people all day long—although she didn’t call herself a life coach then.

Sarah uses a combination of powerful coaching tools, EFT tapping, and Law of Attraction concepts to create breakthroughs and new self discovery for her clients.

With a background in business, writing, and natural healing, Sarah also works with writers, artists and healing arts professionals to bust through their blocks around marketing their own work, and to create a marketing strategy that is uniquely crafted to YOU.

Learn more about Sarah and her work HERE.

And, if you are a San Miguel resident, you can find information about in-person coaching HERE.

Margaret Nash

Margaret is a Life-Coach, life-long seeker, hippie-at-heart and author of 4 books, living and working in San Miguel. She is also a trained hypnotherapist.

Margaret certified in the 1990s as a Master Practitioner/Coach in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, and Time-line Therapy, and has been honing her craft on unsuspecting folk for nearly 20 years in England and Mexico.

She coaches online and in person in San Miguel, helping people deal with surviving transitions, aging well, and finding their groove in life in their 50s, 60s, and beyond. Her background is in business training; she uses a practical, results oriented approach combined with an esoteric flavor in her training and coaching.

You can find her website and blog as well as her and books HERE.

Download her free e-book Sacred Cow Alert! 5 New Age Myths that may be Killing All Your Relationships! Here.